• suspended license repair in waco texasIs your license suspended, and have you lost all hope of ever getting it back?
  • Do you owe so much in surcharges that you’ll never be able to pay them?
  • Do you have outstanding warrants, and are terrified every time you see a police officer?
  • Are you unable to get a decent job because you don’t have a license to drive?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we might be able to help.

A Recent Increase in Suspended License Offenses in Texas

Over the last several years I’ve become concerned about the increasing number of people with suspended licenses, which often ends with an arrest for driving with license invalid, or mor commonly known as, DWLI. We are steadily creating a modern “debtors prison”, with an increasing number of people jailed for license related issues.

The problem starts simply enough, and can soon spiral out of control. A driver’s license can be suspended for any number of reasons. Many times, the suspension is accompanied by the assessment of surcharges, which must be paid over 2-3 years. Many people are unable to pay the surcharges, which means they can’t get their license back. They have to work if they want any chance of paying the surcharges back, and it’s hard to hold a job if you can’t drive and get there. So they end up driving and get arrested for driving with an invalid license.

Along with that comes an additional period of suspension, along with more surcharges; you also now have court costs. An arrest may result in a job loss – especially if it takes a while to bond out – which means you don’t have money to pay for everything. People are soon caught in a rapidly descending spiral, which many never recover from.

Help With Driver's License Repair in Waco

We can’t do anything about the laws, but we can help with the legal issues. After seeing this come up again and again, we decided to implement a license repair program. Through this program we can:

  • Sort out your suspensions, and make sure your license is suspended for no longer than legally permissible
  • Help submit the forms necessary to reduce your surcharges and develop a plan to pay them
  • Resolve outstanding warrants, and get them taken care of for you. We are often able to save clients hundreds of dollars in fines with a few phone calls and letters

How Our Services Work

I recognize money is an issue – that’s how most people ended up with this problem. For that reason, our service is divided into two parts.

The first part is aimed at gathering information about your suspensions, surcharges, and warrants. Once we have that we can determine whether we can help, and if so, what needs to be done

The second part focuses on repairing your license and developing a plan to get your license back. The fee for that depends on the amount of work that will be required. To learn more, give us a call at 254-296-0020, or fill out the contact form on the right.

Help in Waco, TX, for Charges of Driving With an Invalid or Suspended License

You may also have a pending charge for driving with an invalid or suspended license. We can also help with that but aren't going to simply concentrate on the pending charge. We will help get your license straightened out, so you don't have to use us again. Again, simply give us a call at 254-296-0020, or fill out this contact form now.

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