Our Goal is to Help Individuals and Their Families Make Good Decisions about their Case

After talking with hundreds of clients I understand how confusing the criminal justice can be. It would be confusing enough if it made sense, but more often than not it doesn’t. When you combine a lack of understanding with the fear most people already have about what will happen, you guarantee stress. While you can never eliminate stress or worry, it helps to understand what is happening. At least you can eliminate those fears or concerns many of which may actually be unwarranted.

When you have the information you need, you are in a better position to help  your lawyer and make good decisions about your case

Perhaps more importantly, you also need information to help you make the best decision on which attorney to hire.

To help you understand the process I have created several publications, and continue to add to them. Those publications are available on this page. 

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Criminal Defense

Marijuana charges

Student Criminal Defense


Appeals and Post-conviction