If you're searching for a criminal defense lawyer right now, you've probably come across many wonderful attorneys who "specialize" in various types of law like personal injury, workers’ compensation, and family law. Oh, and criminal defense every once in a while, too.

In a world full of multi-tasking lawyers who try to help anyone and everyone, the Law Office of Walter Reaves is different. I handle criminal defense cases in the Waco, Texas area, along with the surrounding counties including Bell, Falls, ans Hill County. That's it. Things are always changing in the legal world and rather than spread myself too thin, I like to hone in on one main area of focus and work day and night to be the best at what I do. I've been practicing criminal defense law for over 35 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you're still just looking for information right now, you are welcome to request free copies of my two books, Guide to Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer and Layman's Guide to the Criminal Justice System.

Clearing Your Name and Getting Your Life Back Can Be Possible

Being accused of a crime is far different from being convicted and sentenced. If you've only been accused, I still have time to put a case together and prove your innocence. If you have already been convicted or if you had charges dropped, I can also help with post-conviction appeals, expunction, and non-disclosure. 

Whether you're facing a misdemeanor, afelony, jail time, steep fines or loss of privileges, I'm here to help. I have dedicated my life to helping people just like you and take each case personally. I frequently represent individuals accused of:

I also take pride in my membership with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. So many defense lawyers will back down when a prosecutor brings out forensic evidence in court, but I don't. I understand scientific principles and have seen many situations where the validity of certain scientific evidence has been questioned. I know what to look for when it comes to forensics, and I will not let you go to jail because of bad evidence. 

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I understand how lost and scared you must feel right now. That is only natural when you're facing criminal prosecution in Texas. Whether you're still weighing your options, or you're ready to obtain proper legal representation, call the Law Office of Walter Reaves at 254-296-0020 today for a free consultation. 

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Criminal Defense Attorney Walter Reaves has been practicing law for over 35 years.