Mr. Reaves & his team are amazing! I had a serious criminal case that could have gotten me time in prison and he worked to get me the best deal possible. I must add that this case was very old and I was classified to be at large for seven years. In that time, I made every effort to turn my life around and I am now living my life in Christ every day! I arrived at McLennan County jail after being transferred from another jail and the very next business day Mr. Reaves was in front of the judge requesting a bond be set for me. I didn’t even have a bond for my charge of probation violation. He got it and I was out that day. He worked for months to have my case reset while I gathered character reference letters from associates and church and proof of my good citizenship in the past several years. Then when we finally came before the judge he got my sentence reduced to basically the back time that I already had from years ago regarding this case. I thank God for Mr. Reaves and my family and other people who depend on me do too! His assistant, Brittany, always answered my questions until I understood what was going on. She texted me back and forth after hours so many times. I am so thankful to her and Mr. Reaves! I must say that Mr. Reaves is absolutely the best lawyer I have ever had the opportunity to do business with and the people in the Waco area are blessed to have him out there!Erica