If you've looked at very many lawyer websites, you assume that every lawyer offers a "free consultation". If you are like me, you probably wonder that really means. Most lawyers view it as a chance to try and convince you to hire them. You may or may not learn anything about your particular situation, and what you might be facing.

The difference between a Consultation and Case Evaluation

While I've provided "free consultations" for thirty-five years, I recently recognized that I was actually doing much more. If you are going to spend your valuable time meeting with a lawyer, you should get something out of it. I've always tried to do that, by helping people understand what they are charged with, what issues might be present in their case, and the possible outcomes. In short, I've been providing an evaluation of their case.

What is a Case Evaluation

The goal of meeting with you is to help understand more about your situation, and also help you decide if we may be the right lawyers for you. During a case evaluation, we will do the following:

  • Get the facts of your particuar situation
  • Explain the law, and what the State must prove to get a conviction
  • Identify any possible legal issues (such as illegal search or seizure)
  • Identify any possible defenses
  • Discuss the possible outcomes

While we can't tell you what is going to happen in your case, we can provide several likely outcomes. That is based on tghe specific facts of your case as well our experience in handling other cases like yours.

In addition to providing you with an evaluation of your case, I will also provide you with copies of our books on Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer and our Layman's Guide to the Criminal Justice System.

Determining whether we are the right lawyer for you

When you hire a lawyer, you enter a relationshiop. Like other relationships, there will be good fits and bad fits. I recognize we are the right lawyer for everyone. We both can make that decision after spending some time getting to know each other. If we aren't a good fit, I'm always happy to provide recommendations for someone who I think might be.

My Guarantee

Ethical guidelines prevent lawyers from making guarantees, and even if I could I've never seen a case where I could guarantee what was going to happen after the first meeting. (If a lawyer does guarantee a result to you, you need to get out of their office as fast as you can) However, I can guarantee that meeting with us will not be a waste of your time. You will leave knowing more about your situation than when you arrived.


While I would love to meet with everyone, I can only provide evaluations for inviduals who we may be able to help. We cannot handle cases outside of Texas, and normally do not handle cases outside of our area. Even I did talk with you, I wouldn't have the experience necessary to tell you what happens in cases like yours in that area. If you are outside of our area, or you have a case we cannot handle, I will be happy to provide you with the name of someone who might be able to help.

Schedule your Case Evaluation Now

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