A Layman's Guide to the Criminal Justice System - What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in Waco, Texas, you are probably worried about a lot of things - what will happen to you, your job, your family and a hundred other things. Your image of the criminal justice system may be what you have seen on television; which you quickly learn has little or no relation to reality. While a lawyer's job is to explain the system to you, and what to expect in your case, no lawyer can hope to cover all the questions you have - many of which you don't even know to ask. That is why I have put together a short book to explain what you need to know - and more importantly what you can do to help your lawyer.

Over the years I've heard most of those questions and learned first hand the concerns clients have they don't always want to discuss with their lawyers. This book sets out those questions, as well as the questions you might not know to ask. I'm making this available to you at no cost - all you have to do is ask.

Know the questions you need to ask if you are arrested in Waco, TX

I've also set out what you can to do to help your lawyer. Some things you need to know before you even hire a lawyer, so it's critical to know this now. Once you hire a lawyer you can't leave everything to them. There are things you can do to help them achieve the best result possible result. I set those out in this book.

You might wonder why I'm offering this for free. I've been committed over the years to ensure all defendants are treated fairly, and justly. For that reason, I've published articles in legal publications, and presented programs at continuing education seminars. My hope is that this book will help the layperson, as well as their lawyers.

No matter whether you are charged with a simple assault, possession of drugs, or a serious offense such as murder, the advice is the same.

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