Don't Become Another Victim of the Justice System
  • Why and how do innocent people get convicted?
  • Why do some defendants appear to get off, while others have “the book” thrown at them?
  • How can I make sure that doesn’t happen to me?

Almost everyone has asked these questions at least once. While I don’t have all the answers, I do have some thoughts and insights on why the justice system doesn’t always appear to dispense justice. I’ve put those insights - along with real-life examples - in my newest book, Criminal Injustice, which I’m making available for free because everyone should be aware.

No matter what anyone says, we have the best criminal justice system in the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. And it doesn’t mean that mistakes aren’t made, in the Waco, TX system.

Learn How the Criminal Justice System Breaks Down 

Over the past 35+ years, I’ve seen first hand how the system can break down. I’ve represented people who have been wrongfully convicted but able to win their release and many more who weren’t. Those cases are more than stories; they also are opportunities to learn.

In this book, I tell some of those stories with the goal of learning from them. By knowing how the system can break down, you will be prepared to keep it from happening to you.  

This book is a revised edition of my previous book, A Layman’s Guide to the Criminal Justice System. You'll have a hard time recognizing it as the same book though. I’ve added examples, to not only help you understand but also to make sure you or someone close to you doesn’t end up as a victim. Even if you are never involved in the system, I believe this is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to be well informed about this issue (which should be everyone).

Some of the questions answered in this book include:

  • Should I talk to the police?
  • How can I politely say NO when the police ask to search my car?
  • What happens after you are arrested?
  • How long do they have they to take to you to court, and is there really a right to a speedy trial?
  • How does plea bargaining work?

I want to make sure you  have the chance to get this while it's still free

I want to make sure you have the chance to get this while it's still free (it’s already listed on Amazon). I appreciate the support and interest you have shown in the past and want to make sure you get the first chance to get this. So, don’t wait – get your copy now.

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