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Most people - including a lot of lawyers - believe that if you're arrested for a DWI in Waco, TX you are guilty. This is sometimes referred to as "The Guilt Myth". The truth is that there are defenses to DWI cases - you just need to know what to look for. These cases are far from easy; in fact, they are one of the more complex and complicated offenses to defend. However, there are defenses, and it's not as "cut and dried" as you may think. In this second edition of our popular DWI Survival Guide, we've tried to break it down so you can understand what you are facing.

There are defenses to Waco DWI cases - don't miss them

Far too many lawyers believe DWI or DUI cases are relatively simple cases, and easy to resolve. In other words – easy money. The truth is that DWI cases can be extremely complex. There may be constitutional issues regarding the traffic stop itself or the way in which evidence was obtained. There are also issues regarding the accuracy and validity of the various tests used to establish intoxication. Officers are trained to conduct tests in the field and the lawyer must be familiar with how those tests are supposed to be administered as well as the scientific basis (or not) underlying the tests. Many DWI cases also involve breath tests or blood tests and the lawyer must know about those and know their limitations. Without such an understanding the lawyer cannot effectively challenge the State's case. No lawyer can guarantee success. However, there's one thing for certain - You can't raise a defense you don't know about!

You have to know what to look for in a Waco, TX DWI case

I have prepared a booklet titled 'DWI Survival Guide”, which I am happy to provide for free. This book will answer some of the following questions, and  more:

  • How do I avoid being stopped by the police?
  • I've been pulled over, what should I know?
  • Should I take the field sobriety tests?
  • How accurate are blood tests?
  • What are the costs of an arrest for DWI?

Whether you decide to hire us to represent you or not, this booklet will provide you with valuable information, and help you know what you are facing. Find out the questions you need to ask, and what you can expect. This book is available here free - simply fill out the request form. If you prefer, you can call our office (254-296-0020) and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Please read this book before you talk to any lawyer. Lawyers generally can't make guarantees, but I can guarantee this - Getting this book won't be a waste of your time. If you read this book, you probably know more than a lot of lawyers. You need to know that - so you know who to avoid. You have nothing to lose - and a lot to gain.

After reading the book, if you want to talk about your case and see if we are the right lawyer for you, please contact us.

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