Posted on Apr 22, 2013

Carolyn Combee, a Waco resident, was initially charged with possessing drugs in mid-March, but now she's been slapped with an additional charge of endangering a child.

Back on March 13, 2013, Combee was at Providence Hospital and she was yelling and screaming about how her back was very hurt and no one at the hospital was helping her. Police arrived on the scene and said that she was extremely irate and refused to cooperate with the investigation. She also had a child younger than 15 years old with her at the time.

While the officers were speaking with Combee and trying to calm her down, they noticed that her pupils were extremely dilated, even though the hospital was well lit, and her eyes were glossy. They also reported that she was "fidgety, extremely belligerent and yelling at times."

After trying to reason with Combee for quite a while, an officer arrested her for public intoxication. Following the arrest, officers found K2 Spice in her possession. K2 Spice is synthetic marijuana and contains chemicals that mimic marijuana's active ingredient, THC. Younger people have become fond of this drug because it is easy to get and because most people don't drug test for it.

The day following the arrest, Child Protective Services officials notified police that Combee had been sent to jail and she tested positive for methamphetamine. This prompted prosecutors to add the charge of endangering a child.

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