Posted on Sep 30, 2013

The El Paso Times recently had an article about the ongoing debate concerning the driver's license surcharge program. It's an important issue in El Paso since they lead the State in the number of surcharges imposed - approximatetly 236,00 in 2012. I don't know how many licensed drivers there are there, but it has to be a signficant percentage.

Representiave Joe Pickett from El Paso is sponsoring some limited reforms, which are aimed more at how the process is handled. Other representatives however may believe it's time to scrap the program altogether.

What has happened with the driver surcharge program is exactly what was predicted when it was first implemented. The State saw it as a way to raise money - by imposing a tax on those who did something wrong. They refused to recognize the problems that would be caused by imposing such fees on those who cannot afford to pay them. Thankfully, that has been finally addressed and some relief is avaible. That's still not enough though - the program needs to go, and the State needs to find another source of revenue.