Posted on Oct 06, 2015

DWI in Waco Texas

DWI is a specialized area of law that requires knowing a lot more than the law. To effectively represent most people charged with driving while intoxicated you have to know the science behind breath testing and blood testing. Unless you understand the science, you don't know what issues to raise, or what problems exist. Unfortunately, far too many lawyers simply accept the "results" which the State's experts testify to.

Fortunately, there are starting to be more courses designed to educate lawyers about the science behind DWI. Unfortunately, far too lawyers attend these courses.

Mastering Scientific Evidence was designed to remedy this problem, and provide lawyers with the technical material they need to successfully defend their clients. There is very little law, and unlike most seminars most of the presentations are by experts in other fields. The program is held in New Orleans each year, and draws lawyers and experts from across the country. Some of the topics this year included:

  • Government whitewashing on breath testing
  • SFST's - why age and weight produce false results
  • The fallacies of Drug Recognition validation
  • Gas chromatography for beginners
  • Advance Gas Chromatography
  • Pseudo Science unveiled
 More recently, a new group of Texas DWI Lawyers was formed. They put on a seminar from September 23-25 at Tapatio Springs, titled "Pure Science:Blood and Breath Testing. In my opinion it was every bit as good as MSE, and even better for Texas Lawyers since specific issues that arise here were discussed. Like MSE, they brought in the leading experts from across the country on gas chromotography, blood testing, and the new Intoxilyzer 9000. While there was a good crowd for an inaugral seminar, Jessi and I were the only lawyers from Waco in Texas.

In my opinion, every lawyer who represents DWI defendants should go to this court - or one like it. Until you go, you don't even know what you don't know. I'll keep going, and keep learning something new every time I go.

If you have pending DWI case, or want to learn more about this, please give us a call at 254-296-0020. You can also download our DWI Survival Guide to learn more about what  all is involved in prosecuting and defending a DWI case.


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