Posted on Mar 02, 2014

Anything involving a Kennedy generates a lot of publicity, even if it's for something routine. The DWI trial of Kerry Kennedy was no different. This wasn't a normal DWI case though. She claimed she accidentally too the prescription drug Ambien, which caused her to lose control of her control, and eventually crash.

The defense was that she didn't intentionally take the drug, and therefore wasn't guilty. The jury agreed, taking only a little over an hour to return a not guilty verdict.

Kennedy is not the first person to experience side effects of Ambien, which is commonly prescribed as a sleeping aid. Even the State's toxicologist agreed the drug could  produce symptons similar to alcohol.

The lesson from this case - don't drive after taking ambien, and make sure you pick up the right pill bottle before you put it in your mouth.

Walter Reaves
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