Posted on Dec 26, 2013

There have been more than a few times when I've looked at cases and wondered what in the heck they were thinking. Of course, the answer is usually that they weren't thinking. Unfortunately, stupidity is not an excuse - although it does make for a really good story.

An Arlington Texas man falls into this category after crashing into a police car, and getting arrested for driving while intoxicated. The stupidity comes in the location - the wreck occurred in the jail parking lot. You have to wonder what he was doing at the jail in the first place;  maybe he was going to bail a friend out; or maybe he was there to visit someone.

Not only was the man intoxicated - at least according to the police - he also had outstanding traffic warrants. So even if he wasn't drunk he would have been arrested.

I'm not sure there is moral to this story, since hopefully most people know not to go to the jail when you are drunk - and  have outstanding warrants. Just in case you didn't already know - this case shows it's a bad idea.

Walter Reaves
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