Posted on Nov 15, 2013

A North Carolina woman recently picked up her third DWI of the year. While that's a little unusual, it's probably not all that newsworthy. What is newsworthy is how she picked up her more current DWI.

The woman was on her way to bail  out her friends who was in jail for attempted theft of a boat. You have to wonder what she was thinking - heading to where all the police officers hang out after admittedly having a few drinks. Even if she didn't get stopped on the way, there's a pretty good chance she would have raised suspicion when she was bailing her friends out.

Unfortunately, it's a situation we see all too often. Some people just do not know how to make decisions. This lady is young, and has a lot to learn. The fact that she's young means it's probably easier to alter or change her behavior. She said she was going to give up alcohol, which is probably a wise move; especially if she ends with probation, and will be forced to do that.

The good news is that she probably had money to bail herself out; unfortunately for her two friends it was the money she was going to use to bail them out.

Walter Reaves
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