Posted on May 28, 2013

Memorial day weekend was a "no refusal weekend" in Austin. That means if you were arrested for DWI and refused a breath test a blood sample was going to be taken. The results are now in. According to KVUE in Austin:

In total, there were 90 arrests for driving while intoxicated between Friday, May 24 and Tuesday, May 28.

On Monday there were 21 arrests. On Sunday, there were 25. Police gave five breath tests and 24 blood draws. Fourteen of those blood draws were given via search warrants after people refused to take a breath test.

On Saturday, May 25, police report that 20 people were arrested for DWI. On Friday night there were 24 arrests. Thirteen of those came from blood draws, 11 were from breath tests.

So out of 90 arrests, there were 51 blood draws. What caught my attention were the figures from Monday - 24 blood draws, and 14 of those were done by warrant. That means that 10 were done without a warrant. Does that mean those people consented, or asked to have their blood drawn? Or did the police just do it.

No matter how you feel about driving while intoxicated, it ought to give you pause to think about that many people having a needle stuck in their own so the State can have evidence to use against them. Some of those may come back under the legal limit - which means they were arrested for no reason. How fair is that?