Posted on Jun 13, 2013

Most criminal defense lawyer's response to the title of this post would be "So what else is new". What's unusual about this case is that it was apparently bad enough that other employees complained about. According to KRDO in Coloroado the report could impact over a thousand cases. In addition to the claim of bias, employees also claimed there was not proper training in the toxicology section.

Theoretically, crime lab employees are supposed to be neutral and detached. That's difficult to do when you are part of law enforcement. In Texas, the Statewide lab is part of the Texas Department of Public Safety - which also is involved in investigating criminal cases. When you go to work in a building with police cars in the lot its hard to not feel some affinity for law enforcement. That's one of the reasons there has been a national push in the last several years to establish independent crime labs.

Kudos to the Colorado crime lab - and even bigger kudos to the employees are trying to do the right thing. It's  nice to know they are out there - and they know a problem when they see it.