Posted on Aug 07, 2013

An Albuquerque, N.M., attorney who has made a living defending people charged with driving while intoxicated is now on the opposite side of the legal process.

Lawyer John Wayne Higgins was arrested last week after he wandered into the wrong courtroom and disrupted proceedings, according to an article from the Huffington Post. Higgins' behavior was so bizarre, the judge ordered that Higgins' blood-alcohol level be tested. The results showed the 69-year-old attorney had a blood-alcohol content of .11 percent, which is above New Mexico's legal limit of .08 percent, the article said.

Higgins apparently was supposed to be at the courthouse on the day of his arrest. But the hearing he was supposed to be at was two floors down, according to the article.

Higgins hung out in the wrong courtroom for about 45 minutes before stumbling to the point where the judge called probation officers to have Higgins tested. In the interim, he was found in contempt for disrupting the proceedings in that courtroom, the article said.

Higgins has gotten into trouble before due to drinking. In 2009, he spent two days in jail after being convicted of aggravated DWI, according to the article.

As criminal defense lawyers need to relate to our clients, and try to understand what they are going through. This is carrying it a little to far though.