Posted on Nov 14, 2013

Last week DPS officials in Harris and Montgomery counties decided to crack down on left lane violators for a day. In case you don't know, you are only supposed to use the left lane for passing and making a turn. If you spend any time on the highways though, you know that there a number of people who like to get in the left and mosy on along. For some reason, I almost always encounter them when they are going the same speed as the car in the other lane, and you can't get around them.

According to DPS officials, improper use of the left lane can back up traffic, and create a dangerous situation, especially if emergency vehicles are trying to get by. And besides, it's downright annoying.

Any time a traffic stop you can have problems; especially when the officer believes you are doing something you aren't supposed to. Instead of a ticket, you can end taking a trip to jail.

While this enforcement effort was limited to Harris and Montgomery county, I would expect it to be implemented elsewhere. So know would be a good time to remind yourself what the law is, and only use the left lane when you are supposed to.

There are more than enough things the police can stop you for. Don't give them another reason.

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