Posted on Jun 01, 2013

Having practiced law for over 30  years there aren't many things I haven't seen. I doubt many lawyers have seen this - having sex and driving while intoxicated. A New Mexcio Man - Louis Briones - was arrested after running a red light and crashing his car. Witnesses say he was having sex, which would by why the female passenger - who was ejected from the car - was found naked. You have to feel sorry for her - that has to be pretty embarrasing.

I'm guessing this wasn't a wife or girlfriend - since he tried to leave her and get away. A bystander grabbed the keys and prevented him from doing so.

Mr. Briones now has a number of problems resulting from his fling - he faces charges of driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and evading police. They might also throw in a charge of indecent exposure. 

Let's hope the Texas Legislature doesn't see this - they might add a new enhancement for having sex while driving while intoxicated.

I suggest you check out the link to this story. Not only do they have a picture, they have a pretty cool animated re-creation.