A driver’s license can be suspended for many reasons, including multiple traffic violations,
conviction for driving while intoxicated, being involved in an accident while having no car
insurance, or being medically evaluated as unable to drive. However, just because your license
has been suspended does not mean that you are out of options. If your driver’s license has been
suspended in Texas by the Department of Public Safety, you can get your license reinstated by
fulfilling the prerequisites, including some potential additional requirements, and paying the
proper reinstatement fees.

DPS Doesn't Simply Mail Your License Back After the Suspension Is Over

Some people believe that if their license is suspended, it will be sent back to them once the suspension period is over. Unfortunately, it's not simple. The burden is on you to get your license back, which may require several steps.

Steps for Getting Your License Back

In order to reinstate a Texas driver’s license after it has been suspended, you must do three things:
  • wait out the suspension period 
  • complete the requirements for reinstatement, andGavel and Key Showing Suspended License
  • pay the reinstatement fees. 

All three steps can vary depending on the reason for the license suspension but can be fulfilled through the use of the Texas Department of Public Safety online license eligibility service. You can also go there to check the status and eligibility of your license.

Typically, the Texas driver's license reinstatement fee is $125, but may vary depending on the type of offense. To reinstate your license through this service, you will need your driver’s license number, birthdate, last four digits of your Social Security number, payment for the reinstatement fee, and submission of any required documents like compliance documents or a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate. If you do not wish to reinstate your license through the online portal, you can also mail in all of the required documents to the Department of Public Safety.

Possible Additional Requirements

Depending on the type of suspension you received, you may be required to fulfill additional requirements to reinstate your driver’s license in Texas. If your license was suspended for medical reasons, you may be required to submit your medical information and pass a driving test before getting your license back. For a DWI or DUI suspension, you may be required to complete an alcohol education program, drug offender program, and/or install an ignition interlock device before reinstating your license. For suspensions that come from a lack of insurance, you may need to submit one of the following documents:
● Evidence of car insurance valid during the date of the accident
● A notarized Release from Judgment
● An installment agreement
● An SR-22 form from your insurance company that is prepaid for six months or an application for reinstatement of driver’s license and registration under the Safety
Responsibility Act if a civil lawsuit has not been filed within two years of the accident.
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