You may have been busted for pot, or you may just have questions about the laws surrounding possession of marijuana, and whether there are any defenses. We want to help, so we put together this page. Here, you will find two sections:

  • Articles, blog posts and questions we have answered on this site; and,
  • Videos that we have created, and posted on our You Tube channel.

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Can more than one person possess something?

Contesting the search of your car

Can police search my car if they smell pot?


Articles, Blog Posts, and FAQ's

What do they have to show to prove I knew I was in possession of a controlled substance?

What does "possession" mean?

Supercops - able to smell marijuana from a passing vehicle

Why you shouldn't smoke in your car

Smart ways to defend a drug possession case

Can I be arrested if my friend has pot?

What is reasonable suspicion?

Can my friend sign an affidavit claiming the dope was his?

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