Over the last several years the “war on drugs” has focused attention on drug crimes. Every time the legislature meets, they add new offenses, increase penalties, and attach additional conditions to drug crimes. The end result is that even the simplest case can result in long-lasting consequences.

Defending drug cases requires a lawyer with several distinct skills. There are often issues concerning how the drugs were recovered, which involves complex issues of search and seizure law. You need a lawyer who is both familiar with those issues, and how to present them. Drug cases also involve scientific testimony – someone has to test the substance and say it’s illegal. That testing is done by humans, which means mistakes can be made. They are also done by machines, which also can malfunction. You need a lawyer who is familiar with those issues and knows how to identify them.

Over the years I have handled hundreds of appeals, many of which involve search issues. As a result, I am familiar with not only the law but also how to present those to the court. Many lawyers don’t like to do research, and for that reason don’t handle appeals. Research and writing is something that cannot be avoided in many drug cases though, and your success may depend on your lawyer’s ability to identify and present those issues to the judge.

For the last several years I have been one of the lawyers that are a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. As a result of that membership, I have had an opportunity to attend their annual convention where testing issues are often discussed. I also receive their journal each month, which is one of the leading research publications in the world. There are often articles in the journal dealing with drug testing. As a result, I am able to keep up to date on the current research and stay familiar with the current issues and problems.

If you would like more information please look at the free information I have provided on this site, such as Don't Become Another Victim of the Criminal Justice System in Texas. If you currently have a drug charge and want to discuss of the possibility of having us represent you please contact me.

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