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Good People make make decisions and Innocent People get arrested

It is normal to feel helpless after an arrest for DWI - or any criminal case. Maybe you're upset with yourself for making a stupid decision. Or maybe your mad at the police for arresting you because you don't feel like you did anything wrong.

No matter what your situation, there is help available. Even if you are guilty, there are options available to you make the best of your  situation. A lawyer experienced in DWI cases can explore those with you and help you make the best choice.

And if you're innocent you definitely need a lawyer to help prove that. Driving while intoxicated cases are some of the more complex and technical cases in the justice system and you need a lawyer who knows not only the law, but also the science behind the evidence they are going to use to convict you.

We literally wrote the book on defending DWI charges.  Don't wait a minute longer. Contact us now and get the answers you need.

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The sooner you get help the better you are going to feel.

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