Have you ever wondered if you've had too much drink? The definition of intoxication includes reference to your blood alcohol concentration. That is determined by several factors which you can use to come up with a general estimate.

Those factors are:

  • How much you weigh?
  • How many drinks you've had
  • Over what period of time did you have them? and,
  • Are you male or female

Would you like a quick way to come up with an estimate?

Would you like to have something that can make you look really smart at a party?

Then request or free BAC calculator. This is a quick and easy way to estimate what your blood alcohol content will be based on the number of drinks you had - or plan on having. Simply fill out the offer form on this page and we will send one to you. 

                                          BAC calculator

Please remember that this is only an ESTIMATE. Everyone's body processes alcohol differently, and there is no way to come up with an accurate number without testing. Also, please keep in mind that just because your BAC may be under .08 doesn't mean you won't be arrested. The easiest way to prevent that is to not drink and drive.

Get your free BAC calculator now. And share this page with your friends.

If you're reading this too late and you've already been arrested we can still help. Give us a call at 254-296-0020 and let us develop a strategy for you. 


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