Traveling to Texas with prescription marijuana? As more states allow the medical use of marijuana, it's not unusual for someone to get in trouble for pot possession in Texas because they thought their prescription was enough. Watch the video to learn more about this situation so you can be prepared.


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There are more and more states that are allowing the medical use of marijuana, so we see more and more people with prescriptions for marijuana for various illnesses, various disabilities, various things that marijuana is prescribed for. So the question is what impact does that have on someone who is arrested in Texas for possession of marijuana? And the answer is none. It is not a recognized exception in Texas. Possession of marijuana is against the law, even if you have a valid prescription. That prescription is only valid in the state where it was issued. So, if you have a prescription for marijuana, don't bring it to Texas, 'cause if you get stopped, you're gonna have committed an offense, and you're gonna be subject to the same punishment and penalties as anyone else who is caught with marijuana.