You may have rolled through a stop sign, failed to yield to a pedestrian, or made an unsafe lane change when you heard the sounds of sirens and saw bright lights in your rear view mirror. Naturally, you pull over and roll down your window to speak with the police officer.

After being pulled over for a traffic offense, a police officer may have said he smelled marijuana coming from your car and proceeded to search your vehicle. But can a police officer search your car after smelling weed? Under Texas law, as it now exists, police do have the right to search vehicles based on the odor of marijuana and probable cause. If they do find marijuana in your car, you may face drug crime charges.

If you are a student at Baylor University or a Waco resident who has been arrested for possession of marijuana, you should contact a skilled attorney who can raise defenses and challenge the traffic stop. For help fighting a drug crime and getting your name cleared, contact criminal defense attorney Walter Reaves at 254-296-0020 or online at

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