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All criminal defense lawyers offer FREE consultations. SO WHAT!!! You want to know now what your rights are, and what defenses may be available. 

You also don't have the desire - or time - to go talk with several lawyers, simply to get information about your case. It's better to talk with the lawyer(s) you know you want to hire and have some knowledge about your rights when you go in. 

That's the reason for developing this form. TO GIVE YOU ANSWERS NOW!!

Before you answer the questions below, I'll make you two promises: 1) your information will never be shared or sold; and 2) I'll provide you with a free electronic copy of my DWI Survival Guide to provide you with additional help on your case.

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It really is that simple, and your information is kept 100% confidential. This is my way of helping out as many people as possible to get information about their case so you can protect your rights.

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