After a year like 2020, it can seem almost impossible to feel positive. 

Our world today is very different than it has been in past years, but we have taken an office oath to see and savor all the good that was 2020. 

Like we do most things, we want to share the good we have had with you! 

Our office has grown with an intern, 1 part-time legal assistant and
2 investigators(stay tuned for that announcement!)
but we have the same core group we started 2020 with.
Tawne, Attorney Reaves, and Brittany. 
We take a significant amount of pride in our work, and you can read 
our reviews here.

Joe Bryan, a man who was incarcerated for more than 32 years for a crime he did
NOT commit, was released from prison on parole. Not many dry eyes this day.

Courts going to virtual settings, spefically Zoom, allowed the office 
girls to convince me I only needed business attire up top. That's a win!

We made sure our Healthcare Heroes were taken care of. 

Tawne wrapped up her real estate classes and started 
juggling that on top of legal admin here in the office.

I was honored to be a guest of Waco's Crime and Wine Book Club.
I was HIGHLY impressed with their knowledge!

We spent many, and I do mean MANY hours
traning to ensure our clients receive the best services.

One of our clients, also wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a crime 
he did not commit, trusted us to fix the State's wrong and clear his name.
One word: WON!

Brittany went to assist one of our clients after hours during an 
investigation, and had quite the experience as you can see. 
Just last week, she pleaded to draft a petition on her own
in regards to this case. She did so, and I can say we raised her well.
(So far.)

Tawne and I celebrated 16 years together. She worked tirelessly
processing discovery the majority of the year to make sure our clients
weren't just "stuck" like so many were.
2020 didn't slow down for us, and we had one busy year that required
more attention than ever.
The year brought an entire new meaning to "undoing injustice."

Jessi Freud went almost entirely remote, and when we
did get to see each other in office, it was a great reunion 

Our office not only met, but greatly exceeded our goal for Food for Families. 
And yes, the bet was, if the girls could pull it off I would wear a Buc-Ee's onesie. 

Our office was once again a McLennan County Angel Tree 
Coordinator. Angel Tree is a branch of Prison Fellowship, and
brings JOY to the children of those incarcerated.
We had the help of several great folk to make this possible.
Brittany spoke to each family in need and in doing so found out there was a 
dire need for shoes. This year? Each child received TWO pairs of shoes. 
We already can't wait for December 2021.


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We hope that you and your family have a year of joy, HEALTH, and prosperity.


Walter Reaves
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Criminal Defense Attorney Walter Reaves has been practicing law for over 35 years.