Posted on Jul 02, 2013

It's not secret that the attitude of the general public toward marijuana use has been changing. A recent article in the Associated Press shows just how fast public is changing. The legalization of small amounts of marijuana in Colorado may only be the beginning.

The shift in public opinion is not simply from those wanting to legally ligth up. According to the article, only 1 in 10 used marijuana in the last year. Contrast that with the approval rate over 50%. The clearly suggests something more is at play. The article discusses several of those; one of those is probably is the relatively harmless experieince many baby boomers had with marijuana use. But there also other considerations. Money - i.e. tax revenue - is certainly. Many people have also come to realize the devasating effect a marijuana charge can have on someone - especially young people who are just starting out in life.

The tide is clearly changing - but it hasn't changed. Possession of even small quantities is still in crime in Texas. Don't take it lightly - and if you do get arrested make sure you hire a competent lawyer to represent you.

Walter Reaves
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