Many times simple disagreements end up with one of the parties in jail for assault. Assault covers a wide range  of conduct – from minor contact to incidents involving serious injuries. No matter what the charge though, you need to take it seriously. The consequences of may often cause more problems than the punishment you receive.

Assault is one of the few offenses where a police officer can arrest someone even if they didn’t see what happened. That means you might get arrested on false information – or information that is incomplete. Police are concerned with diffusing the situation, and preventing a further incident. For that reason they often err on the side of caution – which means removing one of the parties. Usually that means taking someone to jail.

If charged with assault you need a lawyer who knows the law, and knows the system. You also need a lawyer who knows what will happen if you are convicted. An assault charge can have serious consequences – even if you are placed on probation. Before you make a decision you need to know all your options, and what to expect.

Over the years we have handled all types of assault cases – from aggravated assaults involving serious injury, to simple assaults involving minor altercations. We know how cases are handled in McLennan County, and what to expect. If you want more information we have provided that here; I have tried to provide the basic information you need to know, and answer the questions most people have.  If you would like to discuss your case further please contact us.

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