Driving is considered a right in Texas. Most of us have to drive to get to work, pick up children, run errands and basically handle everything that comes up in ever day life. Mass transit is limited, and many people do  not access to it. All this means a driver’s license is important, and not having one can be devastating.

Although we consider it right, driving is actually a privilege – according to the law. That means it is controlled through licensing regulations, and your ability to drive can be taken away or limited. There are hundreds of laws on the books dealing with driver’s licenses, and driving in general. Even if you are not aware of them all – which no one is – you are still bound to follow them. You’ve probably heard ignorance of the law is no excuse, and that is certainly true in this situation. Intent also seldom matters – many license offenses are considered “strict liability” crimes, which means if you violated the statute you are guilty whether you intended to or not.

If your driver’s license is in jeopardy you need  help. You need to know whether you have a defense. If your license is going to be suspended you want to ensure it is for the shortest time possible. If you do lose your license, you need to know if there options available to allow you to at least get back and forth from work. A competent lawyer can discuss all those options with you, and help you obtain the best possible result.

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