Since Hill County lies between Austin and Dallas, a lot of people drive through every day. Just north of Hillsboro is where IH 35 splits, with a section going to Dallas and the other section going to Ft. Worth. Additionally, one of the largest lakes in Texas - Lake Whitney - lies partly in Hill County. Hillsboro also has an outlet mall, which is a favorite stop for shoppers.

The two biggest cities in Hill County are Hillsboro and Whitney. Hillsboro is the county seat, and that is where the courthouse is located. As with many courthouses in central Texas, it is a beautiful, historic building that has been recently renovated. The Courthouse was built in 1890, has a rich history and was visible for miles. The courthouse was changed forever on January 1, 1993, when fire gutted much of the courthouse. The restoration took several years, and effort was made to restore it to its original condition. If you've never been inside, it's worth the trip. Make sure you go to to the District Courtroom, which was designed back when trials were a form of entertainment; there's even a balcony for additional seating.

Other cities in Hill County include Itasca to the north - which is also on I-35, and Hubbard and Malone to the southeast, along with Abbott. Just south of the Hill County line is the town of West - where I live. Its a favorite stop for travelers, who stop to stock up on Kolaches at one of the bakeries.

Misdemeanor Arrest in Hill County

If you are arrested for a misdemeanor in Hill County, your case will be handled by the County Attorney and heard in the County Court at Law. In the fiscal year 2014, which runs from September 1 to August 31, 2014, 968 cases were filed according to the office of Court Administration. For that same period, 871 cases were disposed of, which means cases are handled promptly. This only covers misdemeanors, such as DWI, possession of marijuana, simple assault, and theft. It does not include felonies, which are handled elsewhere.

Several highways run through Hill Count, In addition to IH 35, there's also State Highway 22 which runs into Lake Whitney.  Of course, that doesn't include all the minor Farm to Market and County roads.

With the number of highways going through the County, it's not unusual to see persons arrested by the officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as the Sheriff's office. Since Lake Whitney takes up a big part of the county, it's not uncommon to see cases filed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens. No matter where you're arrested though, your case will be filed - and heard - in Hillsboro.

Get a Lawyer Quickly

Unlike some of the bigger counties, your misdemeanor in Hill County needs to be handled quickly. The County judge watches the docket closely and makes sure cases move. As noted above, they dispose of as many - if not more - cases than are filed each year.

Also unlike bigger counties, Hill County has a county attorney, who handles all of the misdemeanors. While there is a District Attorney, his office only handles felony cases. That's a difference from many bigger counties, where the DA's office will handle both misdemeanor and felony offenses.

There are far worse places to be arrested. Like many smaller counties, the court personnel and staff are all friendly. As noted above, the courthouse is worth the trip. It's a beautiful building, and full of history. Getting there is easy, since Hillsboro is right off of Interstate 35, and the courthouse is only a few miles off the highway. And when you're done, you can always take a trip to Lake Whitney, or stop by the outlet mall and do a little shopping.

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