Many people who have had trouble with the Texas legal system are thrilled with the concepts of expunction and nondisclosure, and with good reason. Who wouldn't want their offenses to be forgiven? Unfortunately, because these actions can revise public records (or at least limit access to them), not everyone is going to be eligible. In fact, most people are not eligible. So, who are those lucky few who have a chance at clearing their names?

Individuals Who Can Qualify For Expunction

Expunction is what most people hope to receive because it means that your criminal record—or parts of it—can be completely erased. It's like your legal problems never happened. Here's who can be eligible:

  • A person who is tried for an offense, but subsequently acquitted by the trial court.
  • Someone who is convicted, but then pardoned or granted relief by the trial court, the Criminal Court of Appeals, the Governor of Texas, or the President of the United States.
  • Individuals charged with certain misdemeanor juvenile offenses and minors convicted of certain alcohol offenses

They are many exceptions when it comes to expunction, and this is not an exhaustive list of who is eligible. Make sure you contact an attorney to determine whether you qualify.

Individuals Who Can Qualify For Nondisclosure

An order of nondisclosure is a good option for individuals who may not be eligible for expunction. Nondisclosure will protect your criminal record from the general public and only make it available to certain government officials. People eligible for non-disclosure include:

  • Those who have successfully completed deferred adjudication and received a discharge and dismissal of the deferred adjudication.
  • Those who have successfully made it through the statutory waiting time without being convicted of another offense.

The law in Texas can be quite complicated, so it's extremely important that you speak with an experienced lawyer if you are interested in expunction or nondisclosure. Attorney Walter Reaves has been helping individuals clear their names for over 37 years. Call him today at 254-296-0020 to begin the process of clearing your good name.

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