You probably know that the active ingredient in marijuana is THC; Not all THC is treated the same though. There's a big difference and distinction between the THC that is in marijuana and the THC that is in oils and edibles and other materials.

For the most part, marijuana cases are minor misdemeanors. Unless you have a significant amount it's going to be a misdemeanor; in most Counties you can usually get those resolved fairly quickly. Many times you can get them resolved in a way that you can get them off your record or get them dismissed outright.

In contrast to the actual plant, edibles, oils, and vapes, are always going to be felony offenses. It's going to start off as a state jail felony and can go higher depending on the amount that's involved. It doesn't take much to bump up the amount if you look at some of the products that are involved. For example, edibles will typically weigh several ounces; even though the amount of THC in the product might be small, you go by the total weight. That can add up quickly, and  you can be facing a second or third degree felony before you know it.

Most people look at oils and edibles in the same way they look at marijuana. While the physical impact on the person may be the same,  the legal effect is not. So be aware and know that being caught with those substances is going to result in a felony offense.

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