Once a case is filed in Court you will have an arraignment on your criminal charges. This is the first court appearance and its purpose is generally to determine if you have a lawyer. The Court may also consider issues related to bail; in some Courts they will add conditions to the bond requiring you to submit to drug testing. This appearance is often waived, with your attorney submitting a waiver of arraignment.


After the arraignment you will be given a court date. This can vary, depending on what county you are in, and whether your charge is a misdemeanor or felony. You may be given a date for a “status” hearing.” Alternatively, you may be given a date for a pre-trial hearing.


In most cases you will have several court settings before your case is finally resolved. It is important to stay in touch with your lawyer; for some hearings you may have to appear, and for some your lawyer may be able to appear before. The failure to attend a hearing you are required to attend can result in your bond being revoked and your return to jail.process court

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