Use of an ignition interlock device is often one of the conditions and terms of a DWI conviction in Texas. If you've been convicted of two or more DWIs in a five-year period, you are required to outfit any vehicles you drive with this device. Also, depending on the severity of your DWI, you could be ordered to use the ignition interlock device even if is your first offense. That is really up to the judge when your sentencing is taking place.

An ignition interlock device consists of a tube that feeds into electronic equipment attached to a vehicle’s ignition system. A driver must submit a breath sample before he is able to start the car. If the breath sample indicates a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) over a specified limit, the car will not start. Additionally, the driver will be prompted to submit breath samples while he is driving, to make sure he did not start drinking after the car started.

If someone is ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed, she is responsible for paying for the device and any installation charges, and must make sure installation is complete within 30 days. Any court-ordered installations have to be performed by service centers certified by the Department of Public Safety.

In addition to having the ignition interlock device installed, the person must also obtain a restricted interlock license, which authorizes her to drive only if the device is installed. A restricted interlock license will not be issued if the individual's regular driver's license is expired or suspended, or if she has not paid the required fees.

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