If you're thinking about getting an expungement in Texas, or an order of nondisclosure, one of the questions you might have is "why do I need to seal my record?" Another question is, "what it will really do?", in this video, I'll answer some questions you may have.

Why Do I Need to Seal My Record?

The answer the first question is that it really depends on your situation. The question about your criminal record can come up in any number of different scenarios or situations. The most common situation - and the one that everybody thinks about - is when you go to apply for a job.  Most job applications have some form of the question asking whether you have you been convicted or arrested.  When you have to answer that question yes, that usually puts you down at the bottom of the list and lets somebody jump ahead of you. But it's not only employment applications where the issue comes up. It can come up in other situations, such as:

  • you're applying for loans. 
  • you're filling out a lease applications
  • you're trying to get some kind of certification or license.
  • you're trying to get approval for things like chaperoning or being able to go on your kids' school trips
  • your called for jury serviceshould i seal my record - expungement in texas
  • You're dating someone who decides to run a background check on you

By The Time You Realize it's a Problem, It's Usually Already Too Late

If you put this off, it's usually too late to fix the problem. For that reason  it's wise to go ahead and take care of it now, before it's too late to fix it. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure this one mistake doesn't continue to follow.

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