You always hear jokes about get of  jail free cards. I never thought such a card actually existed, even though there is no doubt that there are certain people that get breaks the rest of us don't. Apparently there is such a card in Minnesota - which is issued to legislators.

In Minnesota the law prevents legislators from being arrested while the legislature is in session. All a lawmaker has to do if pulled over is show the card he's issued as a member of that legislature and they get to go home. Apparently this privilege has been used to get out arrest for drunk driving - such as when returning from being whined and dined by well heeled lobbyists. A group of students at Concordia has been pushing to change the law - at least for DWI. Surprisingly, the proposal is meeting resistance; after all, who wants to get rid of a good thing.

Before you start getting upset, Texas has no such law. More than few legislators have been pulled over for drunk driving during the session. Although I'm sure they get special treatment when it comes to setting bail; after all, they need to get back to work to make laws protecting us from people like them.

So if you even want a get out jail free card move to Minnesota and elected as state legislator.

Walter Reaves
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