All lawyers who handle DWI cases know how important the video is. Almost all police cars are equipped with recording equipment. It is usually activated when the officer decides to stop one, and is not turned off until they arrive at the jail if an arrest is made. When an officer supsects someone of driving while intoxicated they perform a series of tests called Field Sobriety Tests. How you  perform has a lot to do with the ultimate disposition of your case. The better you perform the better your chance of geting the case dismissed, or obtaining a not guilty verdict.

The flip side is also true - if you look really bad there may not be much you can but make the best deal you can. I've seen some bad looking videos, but I've never seen one this  bad. He didn't leave much doubt about whether he was intoxicated. At least he probably entertained the officers.

I feel sorry for this guy - I'm sure he never imagined he was going to plastered on the internet. I wonder how surprised he was when he saw it. I've had a lot of clients tell me they did really well - when the video is the complete opposite. Surely he knew just how intoxicated he was.

Even though the video is horrible there still could be some hope for this guy. Before an officer can stop you they have to a reasonable suspicion that you've committed some offense. If they don't have that, everything that results from the stop - which would include the video - would have to be suppressed. As intoxicated as he was, my guess is there were multiple reasons for stopping him. But you never know. That's why a lawyer must look at everything before advising you on how to proceed.

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