Over the last few years "no refusal weekends have become increasingly popular. With memorial day coming up, it is something ever driver should be aware of.

The phrase "no refusal" is not entirely correct. It refers to breath tests in DWI cases - which you can still refuse. The difference is in what happens if you refuse.

In most cases, if you refuse a breath test that is the end of it. You will probably be placed under arrest and taken to jail. During no refusal weekends though, the police won't take no for an answer. They will then seek - and probably obtain - a warrant for your blood; there are usually judges who agree to remain on call to issue those warrants. You then get a trip to a hospital or some other place and have your blood taken pursuant to the order of the Court. You can try to refuse that, but that will only result in you behind held down - or otherwise convinced to comply.

During holiday weekends everyone needs to be extra careful. There are lots of people out trying to enjoy themsleves. The better choice is not drink and drive. If you do, know that more police are out patrolling, and the chance of getting pulled over are probably higher. Also know that you might end up with a needle stuck in you - even if your aren't legally intoxicated.

Everyone have a great memorial day weekend - and stay safe.



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