It's the holiday season, which means law enforcement will be out in force to police the streets for intoxicated drivers. That means that if you drink and drive the chances you will be stopped by the police goes goes up. Watch this video to learn how to handle DWI cases.

A sure way to ruin the holidays is to get arrested for driviing while intoxicated. You will have to post bail, which means that money that might be going towards buying presents is being spent to get you out of jail. Instead of celebrating the holiday, you will be worrying about your future, which is sure to put a damper on any celebration.

The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not drink and then drive.Of course, it's not illegal to drink and drive; it's only illegal to drive while you are intoxicated. If you've been drinking though you are going to be investigated, which could lead to an arrest. So what can you do to avoid getting arrested in the first place?

DWI arrests almost always start with a traffic stop. So the best advice is to make sure you obay all the  traffic laws. That means paying attention to what you are doing. Talking on your cell phone or to other people in the car divert your attention from the road. Everyone knows the dangers of texting while driving, but that doesn't stop people from doing it. It doesn't take long to swerve into another lane, which is all an officer needs to stop you.

You should always obey all the traffic laws, and this is no exception. Use your turn signal, make a full stop at stop signs, and don't speed.

You also need to make sure all your the equipment on your vehicle are working properly, and your registration and inspection are current. Make sure your lights work, as well as your  blinkers. Also make sure your registration is current, and your inpsection is up to date. The police look for those violations, especially during the holiday season.

You should do all of those things anyway; it's even more important when you are trying to avoid getting stopped.

Enjoy your holdidays, and be safe.

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