A lot of people think that you won't get arrested if you are completely sober - guess again. You can  Jessie Thornton, a 64 year old retired firefighter. He is now suing the Surprise (yes that's right), Arizona police department. Thornton was stopped for allegedly crossing the white line. The officers looked at his eyes, and apparently didn't buy the explanation that  he had just been swimming. They wanted him to do the field sobriety tests, and he truthfully explained he had bad knees - for which he was scheduled for surgery two days later.

So what did the officers do - took him in of course. Even after a breath test showed he had no alcohold in his system they still didn't want to believe. They brought in a drug recognition expert, who apparently a little sense and told Thornton he would have never arrested him. Of course that was too little too late. His car had already been impounded and towed, and a record of arrest entered in the system.

DWI is nothing more than an opinion crime - and this shows just how wrong some officer's opinions can be.

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