Posted on Aug 08, 2013

I previously wrote about a Floriday whose DWI conviction was dismissed after it was established he was set up by the opposing side in an ongoing trial. The aftermath of that dismissal may extend to other defendants.

A panel has been established to review a representative sampling of DWI cases handled by the Tampa police department. On top of that, a "blistering" review has been set to lawyers who have clients that were arrested by the two officers involved.

You have to give Tampa officials a lot of credit for handling this situation in this manner. I'm not aware of any situation in Waco - or Texas - where anything  like this has been done. Generally, most prosecutors view cases like that as isolated incidents. Here they did not take that approach - instead choosing to investigate and determine if there were other problems. 

What started as a really bizarre story could end have a far reaching impact on the justice system in Tampa.

Walter Reaves
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