Posted on Oct 24, 2013

 Thomson Reuters has published an interesting infographic that gives information about state’s marijuana legalization laws at a glance. You can find it through this link.
  Here are some highlights:

•         40 states and the District of Columbia have proposed or enacted legislation related to medicinal use. Some 24 states have actually passed such legalization laws.

•         13 states have proposed or enacted laws regarding recreational use

•         Only 10 states have not proposed or enacted any law that would legalize marijuana for any purpose. That includes Idado, which passed a bill to reaffirm the state’s stand against legalization.

•         During the past four years, marijuana has been the subject of 4,847 pieces of state legislation (including introduced, substituted or adopted bills)

The number of States allowing medical marijuana is surprising - I had no idea it was that many. The number of states proposing legislation is a reflection of the increasing acceptance of marijuana among the general public.

As with many things, Texas lags behind. Sooner or later I'm sure we'll catch up.


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